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About our Diploma of Business

This qualification would apply to individuals with various job titles including executive officers, program consultants and program coordinators. Individuals in these roles may
possess substantial experience in a range of settings but seek to further develop their skills across a wide range of business functions.

Conversely, it may also apply to those with little or no vocational experience, but who possess sound theoretical business skills and knowledge that they would like to develop in
order to create further educational and employment opportunities.

More information is available via the My Skills Website:

Senior Supervisor
Junior Manager or Manager

Students must be 18 years of age at the time of enrolment.
Entry Requirements
There are no entry requirements specified for this qualification within the training package
however previous experience in business would be very beneficial alternatively a completed
Certificate IV in Business or similar would assist.

Total number of units of competency (subjects) required to receive this qualification is 8, comprising of 8 elective units. These are listed on the following page.

The majority of components for this course, delivery and assessment, will be delivered during the course however learners are required to continue their study off site to ensure
they gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic within each unit of competency. This will include 3 hours per week, during a weekday evening, being a Wednesday, as well as
one full day (8 hours) per unit, being the 4 th Monday of each unit. Students are also expected to spend 50 hours per unit, being 10 hours per week, studying off site.

The Diploma of Business is delivered over 12 months, equating to 52 weeks, including 12
weeks holidays. This will be split into 4, 10-week terms.
You will receive an orientation from your trainer within one week of your enrolment.

Please contact the RTO office for the next intake date. Note that any changes to the course,
agreed services or to this time requirement will be communicated to the students.

Course Structure



Elective / Group


Manage human resource services



Manage workforce planning



Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities



Establish and adjust the marketing mix



Interpret market trends and developments



Manage risk



Manage employee relations



Manage people performance



The RTO will ensure students have access to a range of resources as required in the units and training package however students will be required to have access to their own computers (including software programs such as Microsoft Office), printers, internet facilities, and stationery resources. Students will also be required to bring their own device to each session ensuring it has connectivity to the internet.

Students will be provided with Learner Guides for each unit. Support texts will be available online through BookBoon.com


Assessment is competency based. Students are required to complete written and practical tasks, which reflect the requirements of the units of competency and current workplace practices. Assessment is continuous throughout the duration of the course.

Completed and submitted work will be assessed within ten (10) working days and feedback provided to the student as soon as possible thereafter. Where the student’s work is assessed to be not yet satisfactory, he / she will be provided with additional advice, coaching or tutoring and the opportunity to re-submit the work with a view to having it assessed as satisfactory.

Feedback and information regarding the student’s competency, progress and study will be provided by the facilitator on a regular and ongoing basis. Ongoing support is also available to all learners and will be provided as soon as a need is identified.

Student Support

To maximise the chance of students successfully completing their training, the RTO will identify any support individual students need prior to their enrolment and provide access to that support throughout their training. This will be done using both the Enrolment Form, and a Pre-Enrolment Form, that students are required to fill in.

The aim of both documents is to provide any support that may be required. This could include:

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support;
Assistive Technology
Additional Tutorials, and / or
Other mechanisms, such as assistance in using technology for online delivery components.

Where this support attracts an additional cost to the student, the RTO will make this clear prior to accepting the student’s enrolment. If there are limitations to the support your RTO is able to provide, these limitations will be made clear in information provided to a potential student.

Where the RTO identifies required support, such as literacy or numeracy, English or other language barriers or physical capabilities, and it cannot provide such support directly, it will refer the student to a third party. The costs of such third-party support will the responsibility of the individual.

Where the RTO is not capable of offering an environment suitable for the needs of a student with specific identified needs, it will inform them accordingly and may direct the student to a provider that can, and thus will not process their enrolment.

Fees and charges

Total Course Fee is $2695 comprising
Enrolment Fee – AUD$250.00 (non-refundable)
Student Resources – textbooks and printed notes – $250.00
Tuition Fees – $2195

Payment schedule

On enrolment: Applicants are required to pay $250 non-refundable enrolment fee + $250
resource + $1,000 tuition fee = Total $1,500.
During the course: One (1) payments of $1195 will be made at the half way point, being prior to commencement to the 5 th unit.


Training and assessment will be delivered at Suite 1407, Level 14, 447 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000 by way of classroom, face to face delivery.

Prior and existing Skills

It is important that you inform and advise the RTO, prior to enrolment, about any existing skills and prior knowledge and education, to ensure they can provide you with the
appropriate structure and support during the course.

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer is available for completed past studies in areas related to the qualification that participants plan to enrol in. Participants are advised of the process of applying for credit transfer and assisted by the Trainer / Assessor to apply.

Pathways to Further Study / Career Opportunities

After achieving this qualification, graduates may undertake the next qualification up the BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business.

Course Completion and Outcomes

Students obtaining a ‘competent’ result for all listed competencies will be issued, by the RTO, a nationally recognised award for the Diploma of Business. The RTO will issue the Certification within 30 days of the student being deemed competent in all units they are enrolled in. Students, who do not complete the required 8 units of competency to achieve the Diploma, will receive a Statement of Attainment for those units that they have successfully completed.

Additional Information

Please read the Student Handbook prior to enrolment as this contains valuable information about the RTO.
Student Handbook